Sharanya Manivannan has been working on a novel, Constellation of Scars, for several years now. Excerpts have appeared in Ghoti Magazine, Coast: A Mono-Titular Anthology of Singapore Writing (Math Paper Press, 2011), The Quarterly Literary Review of Singapore and Pratilipi. The first chapter can also be read here.

Sharanya is also working on a collection of short stories, The High Priestess Never Marries.

Short fiction online:

Curbside Splendor: Dashboard Confessional
Fictionaut: Stream of Unconsciousness
Full of Crow: The Soma Drinker Praises Himself
Flycatcher: A Journal of Native Imagination: Nine Postcards From The Pondicherry Border
Monkeybicycle: Take The Weather With You
OneForty Fiction: Dirty Laundry
Out of Print: The High Priestess Never Marries
Verity La: Self-Portrait Without Mythology


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