Sharanya began to write poetry at the age of seven, and came to critical and public notice in her late teens as a spoken word artist of unusual power. She self-published a handmade chapbook of poems and illustrations, Iyari, in 2006. Witchcraft, her first full-length book, was published in 2008 by Bullfighter Books.

She is currently working on two manuscripts of poetry. At this time, neither has been committed to a publisher. Read more about Bulletproof Offering and Cadaver Exquisito here

Read and listen to some of Sharanya’s poems online:

- Audio recording of a dozen poems from Witchcraft in Her Circle

- A video of Sharanya reading "First Language" on How Pedestrian. A different video of the same poem is here.

- “Mirrors” and “A Minute Thing” in Drunken Boat (with audio)

- “Inventories of the Heart”, “Parampara”, “The Mapmaker’s Wife”and “Water” in Softblow

- “Cante Jondo in the Neytal Vein”, “Blood Lotus”, “First Language” and “Linea Negra” in Ego Magazine

- The Karna Trilogy (“Karna Considers Yuanfen”, “Karna Considers Light” and “Karna and Kunti”) in Kritya

- “Frida to Sharanya” and “How To Eat A Wolf” in Ultraviolet

- “Poem” in The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles

- “Scratch” and “Kumpi (The Work of the Oracle)” in Asia Writes

- “This Hummingbird Heart” and “First Language” in Istanbul Literary Review

- “You Bring Out The Sri Lankan In Me” in Imagining Ourselves: The International Museum of Women

- “Duende: The Gypsy Prayer” and “Ghazal: Leaving Your City”

- “August, The Year After” in White Whale Review

- “Rituals For Closure” (Dragonfly, Cicada, Moth) in Danse Macabre

- “Cassandra’s Ghazal” in Clementine

- "Banishing" and "Tin Men" in Asia Writes

“Last Light”, “Doorway” and “The Distance of a Temple Bell" in Pratilipi

- "Dream of Burying My Grandmother Who Has No Grave" and "Halāhala" in Pyrta (Issue 1)

- “The Painted Boats” in deuce coupe

- “Mouna Raga/Dawning” in carte blanche

- “Distant Star”, “Lighting Over Dindivanam Highway, “Sun-Swallower” and “Keeping The Change” in Superstition Review

- "Manque" in Red River Review

- "The Pepper Vine" in The Medulla Review

- "The Chicken Trusser" in Dark Sky Magazine

- "The Country In My Hair" in The Honey Land Review

- "Ghazal of the Cooum" in Willows Wept Review

- "Secret Theatres" in The Nervous Breakdown

Poems have also appeared in print journals, including A Café in Space, I-S Magazine, Muse, Verve Magazine, Elarti and Poetika Malaysia; and have appeared in anthologies including Force Majeure, Off The Web, Poetry With Prakriti 2007-2008, Other People, and Yellow as Turmeric, Fragrant as Clove.
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